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Saving Lives for Generations

You can’t put a price on your family’s health.

Lifeguard is proud to offer a selection of alcohol wipes to meet the sanitary needs of our customers. As leaders in the PPE industry, we understand the need to access alcohol wipes on the go, at home and at your place of work. We are here to ensure you are able to buy alcohol wipes in bulk, to stay ever-prepared. With a trusted source to bulk buy alcohol wipes, you can rest assured your family and loved ones have access to the disposable wipes they need to maintain a clean environment.

75% Alcohol Wipes & Disinfecting Wipes

Wipes that contain alcohol are known as valuable household cleaning products. In fact, those with an alcohol concentration of 60-90% are able to kill many kinds of bacteria and viruses. 75% alcohol wipes are therefore valuable for day-to-day use, keeping your home and office clean, and wiping often-used surfaces.  Sanitary alcohol wipes can help you protect your family and yourself from hazardous germs of many kinds, and can help prevent the spread of coronaviruses and influenza. 

Access to 75% alcohol wipes makes keeping surfaces clean easy. Sanitary wipes that are alcohol-based are essential for busy parents and children that can’t resist touching everything around them.

Our alcohol cleansing wipes can be used to clean:

  • Electronics
  • Washable surfaces
  • Shopping carts
  • Exercise equipment
  • Portable devices
  • Computer equipment
  • Appliances
  • Bathroom fixtures

Keep an alcohol wipe packet at work to clean your desk, monitor and keyboard, as well as light switches, door handles, refrigerators handles and other high-touch surfaces in community spaces. Keep a packet in your purse wherever you go, and stay prepared for commuting, traveling and grocery shopping. Pre-moistened alcohol wipes are the perfect solution when you need to use public facilities or don’t have easy access to cleaning sprays. Our unscented alcohol wipes will leave your surroundings fresh and clean.

Your Source to Buy Alcohol Wipes & Disinfecting Wipes in Bulk

We offer a range of wipes that contain alcohol to meet every need. Our selection of alcohol cleansing wipes is designed to make choosing the right product for you, easy. From 50-wipe re-sealable packs to 100-wipe canisters, we have disposable alcohol wipes packaged for your convenience. Choose Lifeguard for:

  • 75% alcohol wipes.
  • Special offer sets, including hand sanitizer and alcohol wipes.
  • Cleaning wipes.
  • Alcohol-based antibacterial wipes.
  • Disinfecting wipes (comparable to Clorox Wipes).
  • Disposable alcohol wipes.
  • Wet wipes.

Whether you’re looking for a box of alcohol wipes, a case of alcohol wipes, alcohol wipe packets or portable alcohol wipes, we are your trusted source to buy alcohol wipes online.

Why Choose Lifeguard Alcohol Cleansing Wipes & Disinfecting Wipes?

Lifeguard is a trusted source for high quality, sanitary alcohol wipes. Lifeguard is a well-known name in the PPE industry, and we have been providing life-saving equipment for generations. In response to growing demand, we’ve recently increased our distribution services to reach more customers across the United States.

Lifeguard is proud to enable you to bulk buy alcohol wipes, and stay stocked up for future use. Browse this category to buy alcohol wipes in bulk at affordable prices.


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