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Saving Lives for Generations

You can’t put a price on your family’s health.

Hand sanitizer is the perfect solution to clean hands, on the go. Proven to help prevent the transmission of bacteria and viruses, hand sanitizer can help you stay healthy and limit the risk of spreading or contracting infections of many kinds.

Our hand sanitizer collection features bottles in a wide range of sizes to best meet your needs, from hand sanitizer gallon bottles to mini hand sanitizer bulk sets.

Hospital Grade Hand Sanitizer

Lifeguard is a reputable and trusted hand sanitizer manufacturer. When you choose to buy hand sanitizer in bulk from our team, you can rest assured that our medical grade hand sanitizer is designed and proven to protect you and your family. Our products are designed for peace of mind.

Your Source to Buy Hand Sanitizer in Bulk

Lifeguard is your source to protect your family and stay prepared. We offer a wide range of bulk hand sanitizer gel options to best meet your needs. Our range of products include the following and more:

  • Hand sanitizer bulk sets
  • Mini hand sanitizer bulk sets
  • 1 gallon hand sanitizer
  • Pocket size hand sanitizer
  • Travel hand sanitizer bulk sets
  • 2 oz. hand sanitizer bulk sets
  • 8 oz. hand sanitizer bulk sets
  • Disposable hand sanitizer

By buying hand sanitizer in bulk, you can stock up more affordably. In general, hand sanitizer is expected to have a shelf life of 2 years or more, so you’ll have plenty of time to use our product, and enough to share it with the whole family. Buy hand sanitizer in bulk and get a great deal on a product you’ll never want to be without. Whichever size you choose, our water and alcohol based gel will leave your hands clean and feeling smooth.

Hand Sanitizer Bulk Sets to Serve Our Customers

There are many reasons to purchase a hand sanitizer bulk order from Lifeguard. Whether you’re a key worker, or an individual committed to keeping your family healthy, we can provide the bulk hand sanitizer gel you need to continue your essential work. Browse our hand sanitizer collection for the following and more:

  • Hand sanitizer for businesses
  • Hand sanitizer for healthcare professionals
  • Hand sanitizer for church
  • School hand sanitizer
  • Industrial hand sanitizer
  • Hospital grade hand sanitizer
  • Medical grade hand sanitizer

 Why Choose Lifeguard Hand Sanitizer?

Lifeguard is a trusted name in the medical and PPE supplies industry, and a reliable hand sanitizer distributor in the USA. We are a leading PPE manufacturer that has been committed to protecting our customers and their families for generations.

Medical grade PPE, including our hospital grade sanitizer, has the potential to save lives. Our hand sanitizer is also industrial and appropriate for commercial use. In response to customer demand, we have increased our operations and distribution to serve individuals and businesses across the United States.

Lifeguard medical grade hand sanitizer will decrease the bacteria on your skin and will eliminate over 99.99% of many common germs within 15 seconds.

Explore our collection and buy hand sanitizer in bulk, with Lifeguard.

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