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You can’t put a price on your family’s health.
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Disposable Gloves

Disposable gloves can help keep you and the people around you healthy. They can prevent cross contamination, protect your hands, and reduce the spread of disease. Suitable for commercial or personal use, our disposable vinyl gloves are ambidextrous and come in a variety of sizes – from small to extra-large – to accommodate your needs.

Premium Disposable Gloves

Lifeguard is a leading manufacturer of medical and PPE supplies in the United States. Protect yourself, your family, clients, or patients with our disposable vinyl gloves. Whether you order a single pack or in larger quantities, you can rest easy knowing that your purchase has been designed and proven to protect you and your loved ones. In any situation, our products provide safety and peace of mind.

Our gloves are 100% latex free, powder free, and are good for about five years after purchase. Vinyl is an affordable alternative to latex, and comes without the allergy risks. Store the gloves in a cool, dry, and dark place to protect the synthetic polymer material and maximize shelf life.

Our Vinyl Gloves

Lifeguard exclusively sells disposable vinyl gloves, which are 100% latex and powder free. This material is best suited for non-hazardous and low-infection environments. By ensuring our products do not contain any latex or powder, Lifeguard minimizes the risk of an allergic reaction. Powder free gloves are also cleaner to use, because they do not leave any form of residue on clothing or other surfaces. Our gloves are especially suited for protection from chemicals.

Why Choose Lifeguard Gloves?

Disposable gloves were invented in 1890 by a doctor working at the John Hopkins Hospital, to protect the hands of his chief surgical nurse. Care and devotion are built into the very history of our product, and Lifeguard is proud to carry on that tradition for you and your family. Our medical grade PPE has been saving lives for generations, and that commitment to health, safety, and care extends into our all of our products.

Besides being backed up by decades of excellence, our gloves are also affordable. Whether you are shopping for yourself or your family, Lifeguard provides high quality at low prices.

Medical grade PPE has the potential to save lives. In response to customer demand, we have increased our operations and distribution to serve individuals and businesses across the United States. Explore our collection and buy disposable gloves for yourself or your family with Lifeguard.